If you are looking for a full body de-stress and unwind then these sessions are for you!

EMS Muscle Relax and Release is perfect for fixing any form of muscle stiffness, soreness, lower back pain and regular muscular pain. EMS Muscle Relax and Release works by putting your muscles into the Tens effect, allowing themselves to release any stiffness, tightness and tension naturally allowing for better circulation throughout the body. It is also a form of cellulite reduction treatment and lymphatic drainage treatment.

EMS Muscle R & R is a 30-minute session in the full body EMS suit, stretching out in a recliner chair with your meditation music going.

Bring an eye mask and your earphones!

30 minutes of a full body relaxation as you zone out and let go!


  • Casual session
  • $65 for 30 minutes


  • 3 session pass for $165
    That’s a saving of 15% per session

(each session is 30 minutes)

Valid for 3 months

Bookings are essential. Please contact the Studio for a booking.