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Embody Fitness & Wellness would like to introduce you to our EVOLT360 BODY COMPOSITION SCANNER. The Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer, what we call the Intelligent Body Scanner, is a simple-to-use 60-second scan that provides detailed data about a body through more than 40 measurements. It works simply by passing a safe electrical current through the feet and hands. The resistance to flow of the current determines the difference between muscle mass, fat mass, water, and mineral — a measurement far beyond the one-size-fits-all generic BMI. All readings are specific to the individual, allowing you to better design a health and wellness program from a medically approved, scientifically validated method of testing body composition. The EVOLT 360 provides a quick, non-invasive, easy measurement of your body composition delivering a guideline of your lean body mass, body fat mass & percentage, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat level, mineral content, Basal metabolic rate, Bio Age, Macronutrient profile (calories based on goal + body composition, broken down into macros fats, carbs, proteins, to consume), fitness age, fitness score plus much more! At Embody Fitness & Wellness your in-depth scan results provide all the information needed to create your transformation journey, then your regular scans will hold you accountable to your goals and help your Personal Trainers make the changes necessary along the way.


Evolt Active is the smart, progressive way to track your body composition progress. View immediate insights about your body and receive instant feedback to see how your exercise and nutritional choices affect your goals. The app stores unlimited body scans in ‘easy to read’ progress graphs and charts. The app has an intuitive calorie and macronutrient calculator based on your body composition and individual goals. Evolt Active is your personal GPS guide to your body composition goals- it’s all about you!

Evolt Body Composition Scan

  • Casual scan
  • $35

Evolt Pass

  • 4 Evolt 360 Body Composition Scans for $100

That’s a saving of 29% per scan

Valid for 4 months