Your EMS session is a 20-minute workout which is equivalent to 2 hours at the gym. Don’t let this fool you, it is a full body, low impact workout which has incredible and fast results. At Embody Fitness & Wellness we provide numerous different types and combinations of sessions and programs to help you achieve your personal goals whether it be weight loss, strength and power training, rehabilitation, overall wellness, body sculpting or cellulite reduction. These programs are designed to target the whole body not just specific muscle groups. Embody Fitness & Wellness EMS training sessions can be a full-strength session or a combination of strength and cardio to many degrees depending on your program and goals! Our focus is you, and we make modifications for each individual persons needs, whether your session may need altering for an injury, a lack of mobility, pain issues, lower back problems, past and post-surgery considerations, health issues, or even if it is your first time getting back to exercise. We’ve got you covered! We strive to make every session fun and comfortable whilst challenging you to get the best out of each workout. Bring a towel, you may get a little sweaty!

What do I do in the session?

During your 20-minute full body EMS session it’s not about letting the EMS suit do all the work. Your EMS trainer will guide you through your low impact, safe and programmed workout and teach you how to correctly contract your muscles whilst the EMS suit helps you target an additional 60% of muscle fibres. These muscle fibres are usually unattainable with regular day to day activities and regular workouts. Your Embody Fitness & Wellness EMS session activates across 10 major muscle groups at once in which increases your energy expenditure, thus burning more calories than any regular gym workout and increasing your metabolism for up to 48 hours after your session.

Burn N Beat

Fast, fun for everyone

Welcome to experiencing Australia’s first “Burn and Beat” group session! A workout has never felt this good. Enjoy high-energy music and colourful lights in Embody Fitness & Wellness unique workout class. Thanks to state-of-art wireless EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) technology, you can enjoy an intense Cardio workout that takes your body to the next level, with fast visible results. Feel the BURN!

Embody Fitness & Wellness EMS Corporate Training

Embody Fitness & Wellness Corporate EMS training gathers colleagues and co-workers together for a fun and challenging work-out. This improves their socialisation, interaction, and social cognition, building team congruence, and developing better relationships between staff. It also helps create a positive working environment for staff and improving their mood and well-being while at work and when they return home.

Contact Embody Fitness & Wellness today for more information on workplace performance and wellbeing so we can develop a strategy to maximise your workplace health, performance.

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