We are so excited for you to experience Embody Fitness & Wellness EMS training but here’s what you need to know for your first session. After you purchase the Embody Fitness & Wellness Trial – 3 EMS Sessions for $85 we will send you a confirmation text and then call you within 24 hours to book you in for your first EMS session and Induction.

Just yourself! We have shower and towel facilities available for your comfort.
Water: drinks lots of water before the class and BYO water bottle. Good hydration is key to any workout.

Sweat towel: you’re going to get sweaty in our classes, we recommend bringing a towel along.

Your first Embody Fitness & Wellness experience will begin with a consultation to establish your goals and review your medical background related to exercise. You will sign T&Cs etc so please bring your glasses if needed to review. We will show you around the Studio, you will be introduced to the technology, provided with your under garment, and suited up in your Xbody suit for you to experience your first Embody Fitness & Wellness EMS workout! Your first session please allocate 45 minutes all together. This is for your total Induction, your EMS session, complimentary protein shake in the “Chill Zone” follow up and schedule your next 2 EMS sessions around your availability.

A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all EMS Training sessions. The full policy is set out in the T&C’s.

Most importantly – have fun. It is a lifestyle, where we work hard, have fun and challenge ourselves. We can’t wait to see you at Embody Fitness & Wellness!
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